California Country


 It's not just about Nashville

California Country...

When you first hear those words some people might think they don’t go together. A lot of folks think that Country means Nashville, Memphis, Dallas, Austin, Baton Rouge or a lot of other places in the South.

It does! 

But Country also means places like Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Fresno, Richmond, and even San Francisco 'cause Country is anywhere people feel pain, loss, happiness, love, guilt, weakness, strength, loyalty and a whole bunch of other emotions. No matter where we are, Country just expresses itself through music that talks about all those things, and a lot more, in the language of common folks.

This site is dedicated to songs, sung by session singers, that have been written by A. Richard Wood, Tulsa born, but California bred, and shows a little slice of California Country life. A number of songs on this site were inspired by events that have actually happened in real life.

Songs are added on a regular basis so bookmark and return often.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

California Country

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